Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy)

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Smack in the middle of an ancient war with Aquidae demons, Kendra and her mother must survive as rogue water elementals by remaining anonymous. Breaking the rules comes at a step price when Kendra decides to intervene and save a classmate in need. She soon finds that at times, humans can be even more dangerous than demons. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please always check the price of a book before downloading.

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Emma Raveling writes a wide variety of fiction for teens and adults. An avid traveler hopelessly addicted to diet coke and coffee, she currently resides in Hawaii with her husband and German shepherd. Is this book no longer free? Sign up for our email and ensure you never miss a free book again! When she finds out a demon is after her classmates souls, she realizes these are the least of her worries. I wanted to tell her story. Then after watching The Conjuring, my contemporary romance had a demon in it.

Elizabeth has a passion for words that began before she really knew any.

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Since she is recovering from her Dr. Pepper addiction, her current vices are still Facebook and sunflower seeds. She still loves anything that sparkles, and is always excited to drag out the Halloween decorations. Conor Night is a terminally ill necromancer who takes freelance jobs for the Houses, the armageddon-level wizards who control this new world from behind the scenes, in order to pay for the medicine that keeps him alive.

I wanted to capture some of the feel of that world, but a little darker and more raw. As her relationship with her new mentor develops, Ann Marie is introduced to a world that both captivates and terrifies her.

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Christopher Rankin grew up with a love of science, animals and horror movies. He studied engineering at Rutgers University and received a Ph. He currently lives in Orange County, California with his wife, Jennifer, and a small pride of cats. I like to travel to the places I write about- it helps me capture the feel of a place, and I have a lot of fun trying to bring that alive in words.

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  • Book Description: Hailey Parrish bought an eReader because she was beginning to look like a book hoarder in her tiny living space. Her eReader was pre-loaded with Sebastian Kress, a magical womanizer hailing from a parallel world. When Hailey releases the sexy Sebastian and causes him to inhabit her body, she suddenly has a man all to herself.

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    Hailey finds herself in a race to find a way to get Sebastian back in his own body before time runs out. Scientist by day, paranormal romance-urban fantasy author by night, M. Ryan has many stories rolling around in her head, and she finally decided to write some of them. She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and teenage son, four cats, two Curly Coated Retrievers and an adopted desert tortoise. Peppered with humor and a real-life tone, this Urban Fantasy piece shows us for who we really are everyday: superheroes. Everyone was talking amongst themselves, and my young daughter threw her cup across the table.

    I instinctively shot my arm out to catch it, but it was in such a way that I surprised myself. That was the moment that I knew every mother is a super hero.

    No one saw me, no one cares…. And it happens every day. My children make me tick and also tick me off sometimes.

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    • They keep me busy, and they keep me happy. Readers enjoy The Invisibles Series because I put a real mom into a real world, and then I threatened her. Approaching him, he noticed how small she was. Probably about a foot shorter than his six-foot, eight-inch frame. She stopped about two feet in front of him and lifted her chin, training her gaze on his. He felt a sharp clenching sensation in his solar plexus when he saw her irises. Like wet leaves that glistened on the tree after a rainy day, they were the deepest green he had ever seen. She nodded and looked down at the grass for a moment.

      He wondered if she was more nervous than she appeared. I wish to use her to ask you to help me. We are locked in a stalemate that neither side seems to be able to win. I have come to the conclusion that we need to change our tactics. She inhaled a deep breath before continuing. I wish to form a temporary truce with you so that I can accomplish something of great importance. Once I have it, I will use it to kill Crimeous and I will return your sister to you. She washed up on the shore of our riverbank.

      I actually employed our doctor in nursing her back to health. What a patronizing, cocky little bitch, Sathan thought. Although he had to admire how she stood her ground against him. He tested her will by taking a step forward, closing the distance between them.

      Urban Fantasy vs Contemporary Fantasy: Is There a Difference? (Wyrd and Wonder)

      She stood firm, tilting her chin up even more to hold his gaze, and reluctant admiration for her courage coursed through him. Now give me my sister. A sharp pain stabbed in his chest and he gasped. Lowering his gaze to the left side of his chest, he realized that the woman had stabbed him with some sort of contraption. But if I pull the trigger it will deploy eight tiny bullets right into your black fucking heart. Pain coursed through him, as well as a healthy dose of anger. And yet, as he looked down on this tiny she-devil of a woman, he felt a jolt of respect.

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      She had gotten the upper hand on him. Bracing himself, he pushed his chest further into the blade. An intense pleasure ran through him when her eyes widened in surprise. Tiny nostrils flared as she struggled to compose herself. Moments stretched by in silence as they stood locked in a dance of wills.

      Stepping back, she pulled the blade from his chest but kept the weapon aimed at his heart; her finger on the trigger. Not from the princess of the people who were his sworn enemy. He lifted his hand to put pressure on his bleeding wound. It will lead to more war if you wish to use it to kill Crimeous.

      If you help me release the Blade, I promise I will return your sister to Astaria unharmed. He realized he believed her. Although she was a Slayer and had just stabbed him in the chest, she betrayed a firm genuineness. The raids we hold against your people? Surely you cannot ask me to journey with you to the Cave, knowing my army will attack your people in another fortnight.

      Her face contorted into a withering scowl. How terrible of me to deny you the sport of hunting and killing my people. Choosing not to answer her, he continued. Ruler to ruler, what would you have me do? He will bank it for you daily and deliver it to this spot while we travel to the Cave. I mean, ruler to ruler, right?

      Snarky little minx, this one was. For all I know, you could have your guards murder her as soon as we leave on our journey. Ever so slowly she lowered the weapon to her side. I am trusting you not to harm me until I have the Blade in my possession. And just like that, Sathan thought, the world had gone insane. The Slayer princess was standing in front of him, asking for a truce so that they could work together to rescue the centuries-old blade that her grandfather used to kill his parents.

      Fucking insane. But what was even more insane was that he was considering it. After all, he had become frustrated with the current state of events as well. This cycle of endless war and destruction had them on a constant loop with no end in sight. What if he could actually work with the princess to change the course of history?

      Studying her, he narrowed his eyes.

      Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy) Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy)
      Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy) Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy)
      Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy) Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy)
      Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy) Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy)
      Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy) Unsecure Connection (A Contemporary Urban Fantasy)

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