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A few of his descriptions of Asian people especially the Japanese are a bit off-putting, but it was somewhat understandable as he was writing this memoir in the midst of World War II. One thing that surprised me a bit about this book was how bittersweet reading it was, and the fact that it made me a bit sad.

As I read of the present war, I realize that no unknown corners of the world remain. What were the ends of the earth years ago appear suddenly in the headlines of every newspaper. The jungles of New Guinea, Borneo, and the Salween valley were mysterious and unknown. Today, they are the battlefronts of the world. Toggle navigation Menu. Name of resource. Problem URL. Describe the connection issue. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. Under a lucky star : a lifetime of adventure.

Edition Borderland Books ed. Physical description xiv, p. Online Available online.

We are Under Lucky Stars.

Full view. A loving family. Coming from a loving home. Creating beautiful home. A beatiful mother. Like mother, like daughter. Family as a highest value. Giving yourself to the others in the name of love. Showing love through caring for others. Beauty is in the smiles of your family.

Beautiful children.

Under a Lucky Star : A Lifetime of Adventure

Dreaming about perfect home. Interior design. Making every place more comfortable. Wanting to be cozy.

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Home is where the heart is. Keep reading.

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Thank you to everyone following along, liking or reblogging, and the biggest of thanks to notlucy who is a joy to work with. I came across a website a while back called Under Lucky Stars and what it is is that you pick a special moment that happened in your life, insert the date and time, and it creates the star alignment for that day.

My boyfriend and I were cuddling in his bed and he started singing My Girl by the Temptations. Just like the Vitamix Potion, Aries sign is energetic and their charisma usually makes others active as well. Geminis love to socialize and chat with others. Cancers have tendency to hide their real feelings. Leo - Felix Felicis magical potion that makes the taker successful in all their endeavours. Leos almost always find their way to success. Also, they are very meticulous and clever. Libras like to take care of their looks.

They always look prim and trim because they try to make a good impression to others.

Sadly, Scorpios tend to be very vengeful. They can make the enemies suffer and make their lives a total hell. Messing with them is like taking the Death Potion. Sagittariuses are known to be very fun to be around, they have good sense of humour and knows how to make others laugh. Capricorns feel like they are too mature to hang around stupid people, they feel like their intellect is way higher than others and that makes them feel as grown-ups around other people.

Aquariuses are very honest. They will always tell their friends the truth even if it can hurt their feelings. Pisceans want to feel connection with others and usually searches for true love.

They are emotional, sensitive and family oriented. Love is an essential part of their lives. What role of his would you want to play? Yamada : I wondered what kind of person he was. When I watched him on TV, he looked like a prince who stepped out of a shojo manga. Even in the eyes of men, he was cool.

Yamada : I wanted to find some weaknesses.

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I wondered what he was not good with. When I met him on set, he was extremely friendly. The more I know him, the more I realize that he has no flaws. Dean : There are a lot [of flaws].

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If I start listing them, it will probably go on forever laughs. If I have to describe your face, it is one I can look at forever. Although you may think you heard a strange comment, it is precisely the line to use to if I am describing such a person. Yamada : I truly admire his attitude in tackling the role. Although we have only worked together in this project, [I think] he understood every bit of the role properly, from the expressions and gestures, the way to show it… His whole characterization was like painting an artwork, and he was cool as a man.

Born Under A Lucky Star: The 5 Luckiest Zodiac Signs

He took everything extremely seriously. Yamada : Well, he really was Mustang. I am a huge fan of the original work, and since Mustang is as popular as Ed, [initially] I was really worried about his casting. When it was decided to be Dean-san, as a fan of the manga, [I felt everything] would be okay now. Yamada : There was a scene where Dean-san snapped his fingers and then fire erupted everywhere. I think only Dean-san can create that image. It was so cool. But while Yamada-kun is attractive, at the same time, he is very rugged. Speaking for myself, I felt that he is very strong.

I think that as a real life person, he was able to draw out the charm of the original manga character, this man is cool to the core. Dean : Tell me everything.

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As far as the Japanese entertainment industry is concerned…I have only 4 or 5 years of experience in Japan, so there are a lot of things I do not know. I was very interested in how they adapt an original manga that has [such widespread] appeal, even from the overseas; actually I am working in another country, and everyone have heard about this work. As the lead actor of such a massive project, he must have a very strong will to play the role of Ed.

Even if you act a certain way, [there are more that] are conveyed by the eyes and the delivery of the lines; in other words, it is not just about acting. Even if you played the role as you understood it, it may not come out easily, since there are parts of you that are exposed, whether good or bad.

Under A Lucky Star Under A Lucky Star
Under A Lucky Star Under A Lucky Star
Under A Lucky Star Under A Lucky Star
Under A Lucky Star Under A Lucky Star
Under A Lucky Star Under A Lucky Star
Under A Lucky Star Under A Lucky Star
Under A Lucky Star Under A Lucky Star

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