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Seven 12 to 14 min. The Coming of Mr. Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Agatha Christie 31 to 37 min. Fantastic Mr. The Kite by W. Babylon Revisited by F. Three Short Short Stories by D. The Adjustment Team by Philip K. But however hard I tried, I was feeling happy from inside. He can feel me… read me… that brought a kind of madness in me. I was asking why you are doing all these. Can you not see so many pretty girls out there? In your own class?

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  6. I thought you see yourself in mirror. I wanted that to be true. I badly wanted it to be like that. To be the mother of his children. The small Angeles who resembles him. But there is always a BUT…. In my case. I started walking.

    Jungle Book Short Story Part 2 - Special Web Series

    I wanted to show I am done with his stupid talk. I know you are a runner and faster than Me. She is someone you will be jealous of seeing her with me. I wanted to know who she was. A baby smile. A smile I could give him but not for long. I was terrified at thought of his smile turning to tears. I was on the running track for the meters race. My lady… the words sank in my heart. I saw myself leaning on his shoulders… A happy couples….

    I both love and hate it when he can tell things that I think in my mind. He looked nervous just like my mother was when I told her I want to go for the regional meet. He gave me a thumb up sign.

    The Short Stories of Edmund Crispin – Part 2: The Later Works

    I concentrated on the meter length and made a mental calculation. I remember running. Probably much faster than I did in practice or before. Cutting the tape and then my vision became blur. All of suddenly I felt weak. And the next thing I knew was I fell on Vishnu who came running to hold me from falling.

    I felt safe in his shoulder and the black blur over powered me. When I opened my eyes I was in dispensary of the. Sapna and Kriti were sitting near my bed. I was afraid if something happened that revealed my disease. You have beaten your own record. Can you believe it was PET sir is so happy.

    I was hoping Vishnu would be there when I opened eyes. He might have had his event then. He is both high jump and long jump player. Nothing happened. I am still alive.

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    I was afraid the darkness that followed after the race was the end. That I was lost in that black blur forever. All congratulated me except Vishnu. I dint see him since I got up in dispensary. We were in sleeper coach bus heading back to our city and I knew he would come in. I chose a lower birth. As expected he came.

    Charles L. Grant, Part 2: The Short Stories - Cemetery Dance Online

    But he ignored looking at me. He never misses a chance to be with me. But today was different. He went and took the last seat. Bus started. All the people in the bus were enjoying and I came to know Vishnu had won in both the events and was selected for nationals. I was happy. As the bus started the noise and cheers ceased and soon everyone was inside their sleeping cabin. I had a wonderful dream that night. I and Vishnu were dancing on the clouds. The clouds were milky white. People around us were appreciating our dance.

    We were no more on earth. We were in air! He was holding my waist. He is tall. My head exactly rests on his chest.

    Short Stories part 2 Short Stories part 2
    Short Stories part 2 Short Stories part 2
    Short Stories part 2 Short Stories part 2
    Short Stories part 2 Short Stories part 2
    Short Stories part 2 Short Stories part 2
    Short Stories part 2 Short Stories part 2
    Short Stories part 2 Short Stories part 2

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