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Best Interests of the Child Standard

The internet features will still work on WiFi, which many locations these days have. Also, depending on the account type there might be billing concerns or limitations regarding stopping and starting a data plan in the middle of your bill cycle.

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  • How do I register as a temporary resident with a GP?.

I know that this alternative solution comes with a lot of funky potential hiccups, but I'd rather offer the possibility than nothing at all! If you're interested in looking into that, and reaching out via the internet is comfortable for you, you're welcome to contact our T-Force team on Twitter or FB.

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Through DM on Twitter or Message on Facebook we have a secure method to verify your account, and can take a look at the plan and determine if there are any options to remove the data feature! I wanted to swing by and see if you'd reached out to a team with account access to see if removing the data on that line altogether was an option for you! How are things going? This is not useful. By default setting data to "No Data" has the effect of cancelling data for the next billing period, which is absolutely not acceptable. I found this post and was curious if any updates have been made.

I have the same issue with teenagers needing a little help getting back on the straight and narrow of normalcy. I know Sprint had that option and I am needing it myself. Is there an easy way to temporarily shutdown a line on an as needed basis? Are you seeing that you have the option with the other lines on the account, but it's missing for the kiddos?

I am having issues finding the ability to do any of them, but as I have read through conversations it may not be as seamless as I might prefer. If it's not there, I'd recommend opening a ticket with customer care if you don't have much luck with the phone folks, you should reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.

Alternatively, you can utilize the above solution by removing the data feature from the line all together:. When you're ready, you can use the same path and add a data package back onto the line. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. Temporary suspension option missing on one of my lines on MyTmobile.

How do I register as a temporary resident with a GP?

What's up with that? Neither of her parents went to court for custody of her when they split up. We want to take a vacation to Canada. How can we get a passport for her? She has not seen her dad in 7 years and does not want to. We do have a temporary guardianship paper that's notarized from her mom giving me permission for medical care, etc. Answer: The temporary guardianship paperwork may not suffice for a passport application.

Either both parents apply with the child or you petition for legal guardianship of the child. We want to take him abroad but we are concerned that we will have to contact his dad who has not seen him for nearly 3 years. Do we need to go back to court? Answer: You can try to locate the father for his notarized consent.

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If you cannot contact him, you may need to petition the courts for sole legal custody of the child. My son's passport by: Anonymous Question: My year-old son lives with my mom in the U.

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I live in Mexico because I only have a visa. The last time I was there, we went to a notary and I singed a statement saying that I give my mother permission to take any decision regarding my son, his needs and any legal procedure. Answer: Apologies for taking a while to respond to your query. We had to do some research to provide you with the best possible advice. While the document your mother has provides her with authorization, it will be best to still submit a notarized Form DS This form is specific for passport applications for minors.

Our recommendation is to submit both the form and the statement of authorization with the rest of the child's passport application requirements.

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Passport for granddaughter by: Anonymous Question: Granddaughter lives with us. We want to get a passport for her but she's not legally ours. Her mother is not with her and she sees her Dad. To get this passport, can she just get a notarized permission from her Dad? Answer: If the minor is age 15 or younger and both parents' names are on her birth certificate, she needs both parents' consent to apply for a passport. If she is 16 or 17, she can apply with just her father's consent.

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  5. How to adopt my twins niece and nephew by: Anonymous Question: I have 2 nieces and a nephew living overseas. Their parents died and I am taking care of them. I want to adopt them. What should I do? Answer: We recommend that you speak to a lawyer regarding legalities of adopting children from outside of the United States. Can I get a passport?

    Answer: Yes, you can. Please present the court document awarding you sole legal guardianship of your grandchildren when you apply. Passport Application by: Anonymous Question: Can I apply for my grand daughters passport even though I don't have legal guardianship? Grandmother by: Anonymous Question: My son and daughter-in-law are in Mexico.

    My grandchild lives with me.

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    Can I get his passport? He is 13 years old. Answer: You must secure a notarized statement authorizing you to apply for the child's passport signed by both parents. This must be accompanied by photocopies of both parents' IDs.



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