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Printed Pages: Size: From: dsmbooks Liverpool, United Kingdom. Seller Inventory F6SZ Condition: Good. Ships with Tracking Number! I got the sense that Vance was satirizing the world, as if it would never improve no matter how many millions of years went by. While Vance makes wizard powers based on random fluctuations rather than actual mastery except for the more noble wizards in the Lionesse trilogy , Hughes goes further, in my opinion, in showing self-importance growing into power through self-examination and virtue, and the newly virtuous using their new powers for service.

October 8, - Published on Amazon. I feel reticent saying that, because it does not give credit where credit is due. Hughes has done a wonderful job of writing his own unique work which contains much of the spirit of Jack Vance. I would say that Hughes is a spiritual successor to Vance and also a fine author in his own right. July 20, - Published on Amazon. I first saw Matt Hughes's name when reading an article about Jack Vance online.

The first book of his that I read was Black Brillion.

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I really enjoyed it, so I went and bought the e-book version of this book, here on Amazon, back when it was available for some reason, they no longer offer the e-book version, and neither does any other online book seller. I found that I liked it as much as I had liked Black Brillion. And while his writing is definitely influenced by Vance, Matt Hughes writes with a style all his own, part Vance, part Wodehouse, with a little Bradbury, P. Dick, and Wolfe as well. While this was his first published book in the field, the writing is charming and welcoming, grandiose and descriptive.

The adventures of Filidor and companion are pure fun, each one self-contained as well as part of the larger narrative. And when you finish this book, you will see that he left it open for a sequel. Fool Me Twice is that sequel, and is every bit as fun and well put-together as its predecessor. In short, thus far, if Matthew Hughes wrote it, it is going to be well worth your time to read it.

So give him a try! February 2, - Published on Amazon. Not what I'd call Hughes' best work, as always his language is kind of difficult but this one is almost excessively difficult. Its a pretty good story though and worth the effort.

Fool Me Twice Book Summary and Study Guide

August 19, - Published on Amazon. Michael James Ploof. The Jennifer Morgue.

The Quantum Thief. Hannu Rajaniemi.

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Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2) Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2)
Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2) Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2)
Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2) Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2)
Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2) Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2)
Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2) Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2)
Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2) Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2)
Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2) Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2)
Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2) Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2)
Fool Me Twice (Filidor Vesh Book 2)

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