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Won't go anywhere else. To many other places will rip you off.

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All staff were friendly and helpful. They actually knew the product! All fireworks had a description next to it and clear prices with good deals! Hefty on the freebies as well!

Syyuan Fireworks Co., Ltd

The girls loved the colored sparklers!! The mortar selection was huge, and they had some they were a steal! Every budget works here. TVS on are displaying the fireworks as well. No guess work! Everything you want, they have. Super friendly staff. Awesome deals. Open year round.

We promise to always give you a great deal

I felt the prices were fair. I will definitely be back. This place definitely gets a five-star review! Great prices. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Inspire Celebration. Spark Imagination. Fireworks Stores. The best fireworks stand. Company Introduction: Faseecom is an experienced corporation that has succeeded in presenting fireworks performances in many national events, cultural festivals, K-pop concerts and sports events. The corporation possesses high level professionals, namely planner, creator, fireworks show designer, gunpowder expert and various other pyrotechnics specialists.

Always doing its best to attain customer satisfaction, Faseecom endeavors to create the best event for the public to enjoy. The message of peace delivered by the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics brought the attention of the world to the Korean Peninsula. Our fireworks show will send a message that the world should unite and walk together on the path of peace. We are glad to share the meaning of love and peace with world through the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest.

Company Introduction: Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks co.

I Spent $17,000 On Fireworks with TFUE - (Party G0ne Wr0ng)

With safety and quality as its main concerns, the company is committed to continue to make good quality fireworks, while fully displaying on its performances the modern innovations together with the traditional Japanese pyrotechnics techniques. Expectations for participation in this edition of the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest: Nowadays, it is not easy to present the fireworks from Japan in foreign countries and regions due to the difficulties with the transportation. We hope that the public in Macao can enjoy the opportunity of experiencing a live performance of traditional Japanese fireworks, without having to go on YouTube to watch them.

Company Introduction: H. In addition to staging fireworks displays, HC Pyrotechnics also provides event management and support facilities, and works with the Disney Channel in Benelux to create spectacular shows for their summer tours. Expectations for participation in this edition of the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest: We are very thankful to get the chance, and the challenge, to perform our magic in Macao. We are looking forward to work in this unique location, and to meet pyro-friends in the city, hoping to leave some good memories of our performance behind.

Company Introduction: Alpha Pyrotechnie benefits from the over 25 years of experience and internationally recognized skills in large-scale outdoor shows of its founding director, Patrick Brault. The company presents its shows in France and all around the world, with artistic creativity and technical mastery matching the impact of the events.

Over the years, Patrick Brault has perfected his own style in pyrotechnics: elegant, choreographic, refined. His vision of fireworks as an emotional experience brought him to fully integrate many media tools in his designs, in order to obtain perfect dramatic unity: music, light, video, 3D mapping, lasers, fountains, special effects, and more. Beyond his large expertise, Patrick Brault knows how to let his poetic creativity speak in his deeply moving and magnificent shows. To match his creative and exquisite designs, Alpha Pyrotechnie has developed its advanced technology and own methodology.

Expectations for participation in this edition of the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest: We are quite happy to present our work for the first time in Macao, and in Asia.

We are also happy to compete with international range companies from all over the world. Company Introduction: Grupo Luso Pirotecnia is known for its unique design and artistic signature. Following its creation in , Luso changed the way fireworks displays are done in Portugal and brought a more artistic dimension to it national and internationally. Expectations for participation in this edition of the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest: We hope to present an intimate and unique show, with very distinct characteristics, able to demonstrate our design and, above all, to fully display the pallet of emotions the theme involves.

Basically, we want to generate the most beautiful emotions in the audience that will attend our show, which is based on something very Portuguese: the Portuguese most traditional music genre Fado — listed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Company Introduction: Potsdamer Feuerwerk GmbH designs and directs worldwide fireworks and laser shows at the highest level for over 25 years. The Berlin-based company knows how to arrange colors and patterns in perfection in tune with the music.

Its highly motivated team creates memorable moments for the audience. Potsdamer Feuerwerk frequently magnifies its shows with flame effects, laser art and pyrotechnic special effects. In conjunction with the music, this results in a very special and truly magic moment. Expectations for participation in this edition of the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest: Of course, we want to win the contest, thrill the audience, and convince with our good teamwork.

Our pyrotechnicians have participated in several competitions all over the world and we are very excited to participate at the 29th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest. We want to show the audience and the jury in Macao that - in terms of fireworks - Berlin and Germany belongs to the best in the world. Company Introduction: The best way to introduce our company is by explaining what fireworks is for us: it's the ability to merge the gift of music, together with complex and abstract thinking, to the feeling of colours and forms.

Imagination and determination are also part of what distinguishes our company and above all our managing director and choreograph, Michael Rehak. He possesses a rare feeling for fireworks, and the optimal — full of fantasy — know how on how to create unique display shows. We put intensified value on the use of products of the highest quality level, which together with suppliers from China, we mainly find in Europe. Close cooperation with small factories in Italy Sicilia and suppliers from Spain, allows us to use unique, high quality — very individual — products.

We would like to introduce Austria to Macao people, to show the magic of use fireworks to connect people around the world and convince the jury with our ideas! We want to bring love and fun to Macao! Company Introduction: The knowledge of fireworks manufacturing, together with the application of new techniques, allows PANZERA to realize a wide range of customized products and effects, and permits to create every kind of displays, the smallest and the magnificent one.

Besides Roman Candles, which gave fame to PANZERA all over the world, the company produces a wide range of Cylindrical and Spherical Shells, typical examples of Italian pyrotechnical art, which the company exports to all corners of the globe. PANZERA weds tradition and innovation, music and fire, creating fascinating pyro-melodic fireworks on both classical and modern music.

In addition, in , PANZERA executed an unforgettable display in one of most evocative places in the world, Jerusalem, to celebrate the years of its foundation. Expectations for participation in this edition of the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest: As always, both for the small village party and for the most prestigious event, PANZERA does its best to set up a high-level show that can entertain and amaze the public.

The invitation to the 29th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest is a great honor for us and we expect to set up a show worthy of this event. The large fireworks enterprise is dedicated to technology research and development, fireworks manufacturing and sales as well as production of fireworks displays.

The main products of the company range from aerial shells, ground bursts, Roman candles to fountains, which have gained popularity in Australia, the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world over the years. The leading company boasts an experienced and professional fireworks team, advanced techniques and state-of-the-art computerized firing systems. Fireworks display at Beijing National Stadium during the APEC meetings - High-quality aerial shells with vibrant colors and variety of unique shapes - Perfect synchronization with music and spectacular display of fireworks.

How Are Fireworks Made? | Wonderopolis

We will give our best with our top-quality products, sophisticated choreography and preeminent professional team to present a spectacular show with the goal to bring home the championship. Company introduction Blastmaster Sdn Bhd is a dynamic and growing company which changes with time to meet the demands of its customers and business partners. Blastmaster is a combination of experienced personnel and high-quality products that set the standard for success.

Blastmaster has dedicated technicians, whose main focus is to safely present an outstanding presentation that will be more than a fireworks show and able to handle 12 shows of 5 minutes displays per day. We provide the most breath taking display to enhance the event with well trained and highly qualified and motivated Pyrotechnician.

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  4. We are one of the biggest commercial companies that concentrate in this specialized area. Expectations for participation in this edition of the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest: Blastmaster M Sdn Bhd is to create an awesome experience for the audience to remember forever. We practices mixed religion makes it have a unique Malaysia culture, and the last segment will be The Grand Emblazon which resembles the colors of the sky, its lines and colors shows the realization of the great dream.

    Source: Based on the information provided by Blastmaster Sdn Bhd. Country: Philippines Year of Establishment: Company Introduction: Platinum Fireworks, Inc. Established in , Platinum Fireworks, Inc.

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