Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room)

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Unfortunately for the ambitious, and usually desk-bound, Latimer, the opportunity was twice as deadly as it was intriguing. Meanwhile, Henry Jaggard of British Intelligence has two pressing problems. He knows the Soviets are mounting a defensive program against a Polish dissident group in Britain, but he cannot intervene without jeopardizing his best inside agents.

Jaggard sees his opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

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The Professor has requested a meeting with Audley, his old adversary. And, with one of Jaggard's own men to abet him, Audley can be safely relied upon to overstep the mark in his attempts to frustrate the KGB. But none will take on the case. Why is the investigation left to inexperienced Elizabeth Loftus?

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Is there any truth in the old rumour that Parker was a KGB double agent? Elizabeth must ponder these and many other questions as she prises the lid off a can of worms forty years old - and suspicion begins to fall on her most respected colleagues.

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Rumours, matured with the passing years since Masson's 'disappearance' way back in , once more abound. Jenny has overheard a snatch of gossip at an embassy party which seems to implicate British Intelligence's David Audley in the original cover-up of Masson's death. But it is not until the labyrinthine trails come together on a Spanish battlefield that Jenny learns why it is that Philip Masson had to die It's a ploy which has served them well in the past, but now there's a difference.

Colonel Butler's Wolf (Murder Room)

As Dr David Audley discovers very quickly, the aim of the Soviets is not simply to recruit, but to lay the groundwork for destruction. From the dim, comfortable reading rooms of Oxford to the bleak moors stretching away from Hadrian's Wall, Audley searches for the Russian wolf in don's clothing. What Audley can't know is that the agent has been forbidden to fail. But when the battle ends, a real corpse is left it the Swine Brook; and an aristocratic but impoverished revolutionary claims to have found a cache of 'Cromwell's Gold'.

When David Audley is called in, seventeenth-century secrets and the deadly game of modern espionage clash in a brilliantly intricate thriller of bluff and counter-bluff.

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It isn't long before Roche begins to doubt the information he has been given. Roche joins Audley and two friends at an ancient tower in the French countryside, and also meets with Lady Alexandra Champeney-Perowne - who shows him why it is so vital that he get out. And out he goes, in an exciting denouement involving the KGB, British Intelligence and - out of the blue - a team of Algerian terrorists.

Why has David Audley broken the British-Greek truce?

I like the idea of using different points of view of different characters as a series goes on, Tracy. This one sounds like it has a solid sense of setting, too, which is great.

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Glad you enjoyed it. I am hooked on this series, Margot, and it makes it interesting wondering who will feature in the next book. I like very much the idea of switching POV around in an ensemble cast, and cannot recall a series where I've seen it done altho I've little doubt it's not uncommon.

Not sure I've read any Price, tho, but I'm curious now. I like it too, Mathew, partly because you can see how the characters view each other. This is kind of an old-fashioned series, but that works for me and I like all kinds of spy fiction.

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More than 30 years ago I had a boyfriend who loved these books! Maybe I would like them more now, you are tempting me to try them again. I can see why your boyfriend at that time loved them, Moira, since I do too, but I can also see why some people don't like them so much. Nina Morgan 1 episode, Stella Harris 1 episode, Simon Fergus-Johnson 1 episode, David Farmer 1 episode, Hayley Brantner 1 episode, Armand Stone 1 episode, Reverend Martha Hillcott 1 episode, Alex Darnley 1 episode, Angela Linklater 1 episode, Tom Asher 1 episode, Matilda Stowe 1 episode, Carole Latimer 1 episode, Damien Lamerat 1 episode, Harry Wyham 1 episode, Alex Dyer 1 episode, Rose Lancaster 1 episode, Finn Thornberry 1 episode, Veronica Ford 1 episode, Kia Luthando 1 episode, Jacob Wheeler 1 episode, Ailsa Benson 1 episode, Nell Fryer 1 episode, Emani Taylor 1 episode, Serena Madison 1 episode, Daniella Bellini 1 episode, Darwin Chipping 1 episode, Eddie Rowbotham 1 episode, Jake Galpin 1 episode, Emily Simpson 1 episode, Nigel Anderson 1 episode, May Cuttle 1 episode, Stephen Wentworth 1 episode, Dorothea Pike 1 episode, Sarah Fitzroy 1 episode, Augustus Deverell 1 episode, William Smithers 1 episode, Bella Devere 1 episode, Michael Rycroft 1 episode, Mary Yeatman 1 episode, Lord Hislop 1 episode, Dennis Ebbrell 1 episode, Victoria Bartlett 1 episode, Tom 1 episode, Mallory Edmonton 1 episode, Quentin Roka 1 episode, Barrett Filby 1 episode, Hannah Moore 1 episode, Alan Clifford 1 episode, Nathan Green 1 episode, Elizabeth Key 1 episode, Sarah 1 episode, Mr Judd 1 episode, Sir Freddy Butler 1 episode, Ginny Lamington 1 episode, Martin Barrett 1 episode, Annie Woodrow 1 episode, Taxi Driver 1 episode, Ingrid Peterson 1 episode, Steve Bright 1 episode, Cyrus LeVanu 1 episode, Patrick Bradley 1 episode, Matt Parkes 1 episode, Guy Sandys 1 episode, Felicity Law 1 episode, Becky Tunstall 1 episode, Seth Comfort 1 episode, Bob Moss 1 episode, Matthew Woodley 1 episode, Jenny Russell 1 episode, Faye Lennox 1 episode, Mr Oliver 1 episode, Bernard Flack 1 episode, Evan Jago 1 episode, Tamsin Bickford 1 episode, Smudgepot 1 episode, Deirdre Denning 1 episode, Patrick Morgan 1 episode, George Dormer 1 episode, Gregory Brantner 1 episode, Harriet Farmer 1 episode, Frank Dewar 1 episode, Gavin Hopkirk 1 episode, Ruth Cameron 1 episode, William Carnarvon 1 episode, Frank Wainwright 1 episode, Magnus Soane 1 episode, Bella Summersbee 1 episode, Helena Pitt 1 episode, Bartholomew Hines 1 episode, Sonny Desai 1 episode, Sean Nevins 1 episode, Amber Layard 1 episode, Corina Craven 1 episode, Victor Campbell 1 episode, St John Beachwood 1 episode, Seb Huntington 1 episode, Ray Fryer 1 episode, Grace Briggs 1 episode, Stella Starling 1 episode, Raoul Delgado 1 episode, Keith Grundy 1 episode, Bill Viner 1 episode, Lucy Bellringer 1 episode, Doreen Anderson 1 episode, Deirdre Tibbs 1 episode, Will Saxby 1 episode, George Meakham 1 episode, Arthur Prewitt 1 episode, Desmond Cox 1 episode, Driver 1 episode, Georgina Canning 1 episode, John Field 1 episode, Ray Starkey 1 episode, Reggie Barton 1 episode, Caroline Harrington 1 episode, Tamsin Proctor 1 episode, George Hamilton 1 episode, Lord Fitzgibbon 1 episode, Linda Tyrell 1 episode, Simon Smythe-Webster 1 episode, Guy Moore 1 episode, Anne Heldman 1 episode, Lydia Villiers 1 episode, Donald Tew 1 episode, Janet Pennyman 1 episode, John Parkway 1 episode, Tim Settingfield 1 episode, Audrey Monday 1 episode, Anselm Plummer 1 episode, Barbara Flux 1 episode, Preaching Pete Kubatski 1 episode, Geoffrey 1 episode, Charlie Speight 1 episode, Felicity Turner 1 episode, Jimmy Fong 1 episode, Marion Slade 1 episode, Laurence Barker 1 episode, Hayley Redfern 1 episode, Roland Marwood 1 episode, Orlando Lamington 1 episode, Lady Annabel Butler 1 episode, Charles King 1 episode, Gary Cooper 1 episode, Jack Colby 1 episode, Jed Norris 1 episode, Delyth Mostyn 1 episode, James Parkes 1 episode, Julia Benson 1 episode, Ron Wilson 1 episode, Aloysius Wilmington 1 episode, Darren Fountain 1 episode, Justin Hooper 1 episode, Lucy Terry 1 episode, Luke Woodley 1 episode, Sebastian Farquaharson 1 episode, Francesca Sharpe 1 episode, Jack Fincher 1 episode, Eleanor Swanscombe 1 episode, Jessica Wingate 1 episode, Leticia Clifford 1 episode, Eddie Stanton 1 episode, Mrs Oliver 1 episode, Tim Whitley 1 episode, Diana DeQuetteville 1 episode, Mandy Gideon 1 episode, Gagan Dutta 1 episode, Cy Davenport 1 episode, Laura Parr 1 episode, Beatrix Ordish 1 episode, Pippa Fergus-Johnson 1 episode, Eddie Rayner 1 episode, Nick Iver 1 episode, Ava Gould 1 episode,

Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room) Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room)
Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room) Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room)
Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room) Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room)
Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room) Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room)
Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room) Colonel Butlers Wolf (Murder Room)

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