Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy

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McCarthy said he and his team found that the building in the image was a minute walk from the home of John Tunstall, Billy the Kid's mentor.

He also said that Tunstall was a Brit who had written in his diary about playing croquet regularly with friends. According to McCarthy, research had also revealed that a wedding and a cattle drive after the Lincoln County War, which Billy the Kid had participated in, were likely the reason behind the gathering.

He had friends he cared about. He had women he chased. It the photograph opens up the idea about the humanity of a character like Billy the Kid. Kagin told ABC News today that this new image was even more exciting than the first picture because it revealed "a slice of life," one in which Billy the Kid is seen taking a break from the turmoil and enjoying company. The tintype image shows Billy the Kid with a holstered Colt pistol and wearing a black hat.

The current photograph and Guijarro's journey to get it authenticated will be the focus of a documentary airing Sunday on The National Geographic Channel. All rights reserved. Play Kagin's Inc.

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42 Unlawful Facts About Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid Is Not Crazy. By: S. Well, Thomas Howard was an alias used by the notorious outlaw Jesse James. Billy reportedly declined his offer, and both men would end up dead within a year of each other—Billy in , James in In more recent years, movies about Billy the Kid have found themselves attracting renowned musicians to not only act in the films, but also provide some of their best music to the project. John Tunstall was not a father figure to Billy the Kid. Tunstall was only 24 when he died, and in his personal letters, he never mentioned Billy at all. The popular theory that Billy the Kid was left-handed comes from a famous photograph where his gun holster is on his left side.

However, the photograph was actually flipped due to a technical error with the old-time camera. The theory now is that Billy was right-handed, or at least ambidextrous. He even approached the governor of New Mexico at the time, requesting that he get his pardon at long last.


The Kid was just fine with rustling cattle out in the countryside. According to men who knew Billy the Kid, he was a very easygoing young man who was always cool under pressure and tried to stay positive no matter what.

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Billy the Kid did not, in fact, murder 21 people during his life. Based on what is known, and some hypothesizing, Billy seems to have been responsible for up to nine deaths, and his involvement in five of those deaths was as one of several of the Regulators. Billy was in the small town of Bonita when he got into a disagreement with a man named Francis Cahill. Cahill repeatedly mocked and bullied the younger man, until Billy replied by insulting Cahill back. Spoiling for a fight, Cahill attacked Billy.

It does make for a more dramatic third act, though, so who can blame the filmmakers for fudging the story a bit? The Regulators had 24 confirmed members, of which Billy was by far the youngest member. No wonder he was known as the Kid.

Billy the Kid is Not Crazy

According to Regulator Frank Coe, Billy never tried to push for the spotlight during the conflict, and never tried to take the leadership for himself. Sounds like quite the humble guy! Dealing with Billy the Kid was undoubtedly a huge frustration for Governor Lew Wallace, but Wallace had an excellent way to release stress—he was a novelist on the side. In fact, while Billy the Kid was running amok in , Wallace released a book for which he would forever be known: the historical adventure story Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.

The Regulators shot Brady and one of his deputies, George Hindman, who had allegedly been one of the men to shoot Tunstall.

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This was the charge which led to him being sentenced to death. Maybe shooting him in broad daylight on a main street was a bit too obvious? In , New Mexico governor Bill Richardson was requested to issue a posthumous pardon to Billy the Kid so that the original promise made by Governor Lew Wallace would finally be honored. The story goes that Earp and Holliday met and became friends when Earp approached Holliday for information on where Rudabaugh went.

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Rudabaugh eventually joined Billy the Kid until the ambush at Stinking Springs, when he was captured. However, Rudabaugh escaped imprisonment and joined the infamous Cowboy faction which would later fight face off against Wyatt Earp and his allies at the OK Corral, among other places. Sadly, this list of connections did him no favor when he fled to Mexico and met a violent end.

Another theory states that Billy was called a Kid because of his youth and his slight, boyish appearance. Either way, not exactly a flattering reason to be called the Kid.

Billy The Kid

In , former Tunstall lawyer Alexander McSween, along with more than 40 of his supporters, including Billy the Kid and the other Regulators, were held under siege in Lincoln. After three days of gunfire across the town, a sizeable cavalry unit, led by Lt. Nathan Dudley, arrived to settle things.

By that point, it was just the people trapped in the McSween house who were still fighting, so the combined forces of the army and Murphy-Dolan men set fire to the house. The Regulators fled, leaving Alex McSween and four others dead, while only two men were killed on the other side. Despite the relatively few casualties, the size and scale of this confrontation have caused it to be known as the Battle of Lincoln. One of the men siding with the Murphy-Dolan faction against the Regulators was a notorious outlaw and gang leader named John Kinney.

He was present at the Battle of Lincoln and was allegedly injured when Billy the Kid fired a bullet into his face.


Amazingly, he survived this injury and died peacefully of old age in No doubt he had the best story to tell at the retirement home. On February 18, , Billy the Kid was a witness to the gruesome death of a lawyer named Huston Chapman. Billy approached governor Lew Wallace and offered to testify in exchange for a pardon for his actions during the Lincoln County War.

Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy
Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy
Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy
Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy
Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy

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