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Letra de Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne - Lyrics

The three multi platinum smash hits got Osbourne a permanent job as the slaughterer of great talents. With great understanding what the kids wanted to hear got Ozzy a very good studio album. Its not Ozzy at his peak, but Ozzy with a more cartoony, riot like playing. Ozzy roars and gets through his job with rage, as Jake performs some upbeat if somewhat pessimistic playing while Daisley keeps his head this time.

Not for sore losers, but something kept my head cool and it was definetly this album, which rocks! The tragic accident in which Randy Roads was killed deprived the band of a very important member, the man who made them sound so heavy and melodic at the same time. His virtuoso style of torturing his guitar would be not be easy to replace. That was proved by the live album they released shortly after.


Roads absence was too obvious. So Ozzy found a new guitarist named Jake E Lee. With Aldridge on the drums and Daisley on the bass, they set out on a new metal journey. This time Ozzy writes all the songs himself. His ability to write songs that are considered to be all-time classics seems to be fading away even if this album provides us with two more metal anthems. The first one is the self-titled that opens the album as well. Come to think of it, he does indeed.

Okay he knows how to play the guitar and his themes are hard and well played.

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But he can not create the feeling his predecessor did. The song itself has some sharp guitars and clever keyboards that time take a bigger part in the songs. Ozzy helps the song with his insane laughs and wolverine howls. Pay attention to the nice break before the solo and the truly intelligent lyrics. Some of the best Ozzy has ever written. A use of extensive keyboards takes place at the intro of Centre of Eternity.

It is a fast song also marked by razor-edge riffs and heavy paces. Though the keyboards may estrange some, the truth is that they offer a touch of the epic element to the album. It is pretty good. I also find great pleasure in the Slow Down track. It really gets things going. It could have been better but some stupid vocals and horrible keyboard melodies manage to ruin it.

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The remaining four songs are completely crap and pointless! First of all we get two extremely sleazy ballads. What on earth was Ozzy thinking with these? Oh, I know, they had to broaden their audience which means they had to make chicks listen to them. Even if you are courageous enough to endure the first one, So Tired will come to finish you off. Jesus, what abominations these two are! But the last two songs are no good either. Mediocre and boring is the least that I can say.

They are not based on any riff; they are slow and entirely lack interest at all. I have heard fillers being much better than these. Bark at the Moon is a very unbalanced release with many commercial songs.

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To be honest the few first times I heard it, I was thrilled but gradually all this excitement disappeared. This has everything that the 80s captured: glam, class, money, eclectic riffs, vibrant drums, bass with brains, and nostalgic production up the ass. The first time this album sparked my interest was when I heard the title track in after playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - yeah bitch, the best way to hear some fucking heavy metal. It had greasy speed, flare, style, and a personality of its own.

The theme of this album was darker, more creative, and in more unified than ever. This was mainly an issue with the production, but here he obviously fixed that issue. Then-newcomer Jake E. Wylde would be a tough competitor later on, but I love how Lee fit the chilly theme. Daisley, by far my favorite member of the set, tears through the crisp riffs and delivers some of the best lines in his career. As Ozzy performs some of his best choruses here, Daisley executes the almost retro-like basslines. Give it some kudos for doing what it does best and let whoever can show off do without comparison!

You know your a bad artist when your best performance warrants a 99 rating from a fan and their next favorite album is unable to even scrape a mid Ozzy Osbourne, the now self-mockery of himself, will always be known as the man who cannot sing and has only survived throughout his career for two reasons: 1 He was the original singer in the band that are the creators of the 'Heavy Metal' genre.

Bark At The Moon, Ozzy's third solo album and first after the death of Randy Rhoads, sees Ozzy pondering without direction and being convincing only half the time.

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The truly sad part about Ozzy is while this album is nowhere near 'awesome', it's still the second best album by him. The songs that work really work, becoming almost immediate classics, but the majority of the album is so unlistenable that it ranks near the bottom. The album also fails from poor track listings.

No matter which version you have, all the best songs are at the beginning of the album. The entire band and Ozzy are in top notch form, with the Ozzman even sounding like he is at the top of his game. There is even a level of diversity that is not present on the later albums, as well as his two previous where he was supposedly at his "best".

Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon
Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon
Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon
Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon
Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon
Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon

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