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Wanderers generally inherit a body which is not particularly strong during youth, but which has a good constitution in the sense of being able to grow and develop and repair itself from injury and damage or illness and weakness. These entities generally are weak or ill or hindered in their physical form as children, but as they develop and grow older, they take command of the body, improve its abilities and the body strengthens as time passes.

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This as the opposite of others who enter and have strong bodies as children but who, as they mature, find their bodies often giving out prematurely. Wanderers are quick to become the garbage can of humanity for hostilities, violence, insults , ridicule and misunderstanding, and generally instead of fighting back with similar violence, or manipulative tactics, they will generally believe they are doing something wrong and they begin searching for that which is right. This search for being right becomes a lifelong effort.

It instills a sense of truth-seeking in the core of the entity's consciousness, a desire to find the truth, which is at the base of everything they do. They often cannot understand the ridicule and violence perpetrated against them by others, and often have a low self-esteem, but have a kind of determination to continue searching for ways to improve, for ways to find freedom from ridicule and rejection.

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They often are unable to perform rational duties and may have difficulty in public schools or with local associates and peer group levels, and find themselves in conflict with boisterous bullying non-sensitive types. They often find it difficult to hold a job, and are only satisfied and happy when they are on their own, able to have freedom to think about life, about relationships, about truth, or some particular mater of interest. A Wanderers generally seeks to escape the material plane shortly after arriving.

The entity may discover that the demons they sought to escape from were simply their in their own mind, and are not so frightening when really observed, but are simply energies needing help. A Wanderer seldom recognizes his or her own true power to negotiate, to assist and deal with problems, but generally feels himself to be a victim of unusual and difficult circumstances. In order to be complete, the entity must integrate the material world with the spiritual world, and that is the real purpose of the entity, for this helps raise the vibration of the planet.

Integrating the material with the spiritual, in such a way that satisfies the material needs and obligations without losing the spiritual connection This is not as difficult as it may appear to be, and it only requires recognition of the necessity to do so and the faith to realize that one can do so.

Wanderers become teachers and not only accept the garbage of others, but may also teach others how to deal with their garbage, to tend their affairs without dumping garbage on others. After having much garbage dumped on them, Wanderers begin to clean themselves off, and look to discover who the pollutants are, where it is coming from, how to raise the vibrations of these polluters so that these entities need not be harmed for their ignorance, but rather can learn to avoid such ignorance, so that all can benefit and enjoy the fruits of life.

These Wanderers discovering they have a purpose, which is to assist in training others to give respect to life in general An organization which wishes to change a planet can best be effective through actions of teaching and healing and serving. Things Will Change Dramatically Better in June it may well appear that corrupt agencies have total control and that the lunacy that is infecting the world becomes worse and worse. To all Light Workers and Wanderers who have been involved all of their lives in the action of bringing heightened awareness and consciousness this Awareness says: "Hold the faith!

Hold the course! Stay the Distance! This is part of the illusion of the powers that be in their last desperate death throes as they seek to assert their power for their last final desperate time. After much will begin to radically change. So this Awareness asks those who are Light Workers, Wanderers , the shakers and rattlers and rollers of the spiritual dimension on this plane of existence to hold their course.

Hold the faith! The most turbulent times will be the first half of the year of and after the summer solstice things will change and it will be as if a breath of fresh air is given; a new vision, a new sense of hope given that will empower Light Workers, spiritual warriors, and will give new hope and new meaning. Changes will be seen to happen more and more and this is what this Awareness sees for This Awareness reminds you to create at the highest level, in the highest attunement with this Awareness, with Spirit, a personal reality that reflects your connectiveness to spirit and this awareness.

As the individual creates on an individual level, others will take note, and in noticing will ask why, and as they ask why it indicates they are are opening to alternate understandings and truths, to the truth at the highest level, and thus, members of this organization and those called Wanderers , must be willing and prepared to share the truth with those who ask, and seek.

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Light Workers and Wanderers have held the Light Space for 8 years This is indeed one of the New Age follies Often those who would consider themselves New Agers or even Wanderers seem to think that the physical is inconsequential, a waste of their time, a distraction to them, an abomination to their spirit being.

This is a misconception. Each and every being who resides in the physical body, in a physical life at this time chose that physical life, chose that physical body. No spirit being could incarnate into the physical without choosing to do so, without having a life purpose, a life reason that it wanted to accomplish. To come into the physical and then to deny the reason that it chose this physical existence is folly, is an abdication of their true spirit purpose for coming to the physical in the first place. Entities should not be so quick to cross over and rejoin spiritual partners or regain spiritual essence of purity, for their always have that without themselves, and their spiritual partners are available on levels of meditation in this life, and other spiritual partners are available in the physical journey of life.

Those who call themselves Light Workers and Wanderers or Warriors of the Light, who consider themselves spiritual, should understand that the physical journey is indeed part of their spiritual journey, and they should engage as fully as they can the physical life Many CAC members gave themselves to the mummification project those many eons ago, those entities called Wanderers , and are again finding their way and awakening even more into the new understanding and awareness. Remember there is only a small portion of the brain, the mind that is being used.

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This is an area that is in change and is changing. Many entities in opening to the expanded awareness and consciousness, that knowledge and knowing, from their own aspects of being from that earlier age, will start to use a higher percentage of the brain as the vibrational energies shift and expand, and this too is part of the process of the unfolding that is taking place at this time It is not simply one Ascended Master, Enlightened Being, One Messiah that will return to help rise up humanity at this time, but many. Many have come to help mankind in this most crucial time; many who hold the Christ Consciousness, who have achieved enlightenment who are working towards sharing this knowledge and this truth to the many This Awareness applauds the efforts of all Light Workers and Wanderers who are here at this time to help the masses awaken to that greater truth, the greater plateau of awareness and consciousness that awaits all.

It is simply a matter of awakening now to the Greater Truth and consciousness that is available to all. They could go to the moon. They could go to the depths of the oceans.

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They could create great computers and systems of technology. This was the loss of the soul, or at least the connection to the soul, and during this time there have always been those Light Workers who have held a space, who have held an access point to Spirit, who could bring Spirit into the human condition. These Light Workers have been located in many places, many positions. They have been teachers, religious leaders, social leaders, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, who simply held a belief, a connection to that which is still Spirit.

In the last 20 years, those Light Workers, Wanderers , those who have held the spiritual connection, have been hard pressed, as mankind itself has reached this crucial stage. The Light Workers have often held without even their understanding of it, a recognition of this work that they have done, a space that has allowed Spirit to continue to exist in this consciousness that has marred this planet over the last several hundred years, but in particular over the last two decades. It is a message designed to help the many Light Workers and Wanderers who are deeply impatient at this time, who are perhaps uncertain and confused in their roles, or even if they are truly being of service, for it appears to many that nothing is happening at this time.

Perhaps even the opposite to an advancement towards Ascension, towards greater human consciousness and awareness is happening. The forces that dictate what happens on the planet, the tyrannical forces, the Dark ones, the Powers That be seem to unimpeded in their actions, and it often appears that they and they alone seem to be having effect, and their actions are creating more and more chaos, confusion, damage, and violence in the world a this time.

Those who are the Light Workers and the Wanderers here at this time who chose incarnation on this planet for this special period are not seeing often the results that they felt should be manifested at this time. This makes the journey that much easier, yet even in such a context there are also other problems, for the Light Workers themselves are still basically under attack.

This Awareness wishes to state that in some ways the intensity of the attack on the Light Workers and Wanderers at this time is more extreme than it has ever been before. The goals are that much higher at this time. Those forces of darkness , of lower vibrations, whose intent and desire is to maintain the status quo of ignorance, control and manipulation, have a vested interest in side-tracking if not destroying those Light Workers who are in doubt and not certain at all that anything is happening.

This is why this Awareness has chosen to speak on this matter at this time: to help the Light Workers and Wanderers and all those who are seeking to expand in consciousness, to understand that these are dangerous times, and to understand that often that feeling of loss, hopelessness and even a disbelief that anything is or could happen, is working in the hands of those very beings who would like the Light Workers to believe this is so. Many Light Workers and Wanderers are feeling doubt and uncertainty, and many wish to be taken home now, for if nothing is to come of their actions and hopes and desires, why stick around and stay on a planet of pain and confusion, doubt, violence and all else that highlights the planet earth at this time?

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  7. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! A masterful treatise on how the esoteric world really works from a master at his topic. This is a journey that we all in our hearts wish to go on should we dare to. It becomes easier to take up the challenge of the deeply esoteric with Patrick Desplace on the page beside you. This is a hugely rewarding book.

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    A Descended Master A Descended Master
    A Descended Master A Descended Master
    A Descended Master A Descended Master
    A Descended Master A Descended Master
    A Descended Master A Descended Master

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